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batteriesGenuine Volvo Batteries

Batteries from Volvo Construction Equipment have enough power to meet, and exceed, your needs. They have sufficient reserves to cope with truly demanding situations and conditions.


Why use Volvo Batteries?



The unique design of the battery cell separators helps to reduce voltage drop under load, producing more starting power than most competitive starter batteries.


Requires less maintenance

A special lead-calcium alloy used in the majority of Volvo wet batteries minimizes the use of water, significantly reducing maintenance intervals.


Recharges rapidly

The same special lead-calcium alloy allows the battery to reach optimum power in a fraction of the time of alternative batteries.



On average, a Volvo battery will have a more than 20 % longer service life than alternative batteries.


Safe to handle

The housing of a genuine Volvo Battery is extremely strong and 100 % leak resistant under normal usage conditions.


Environmental awareness

The production of a genuine Volvo Battery is carried out with the utmost consideration to reduce impact on the environment.

Please to discuss which Volvo Battery is the right choice for you.


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