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Undercarriage Parts

undercarriageVolvo Undercarriage

Volvo undercarriage parts are developed by Volvo engineers as part of a complete system for your Volvo construction equipment.


They have been subjected to the toughest tests to be able to withstand extreme stresses over and over again. Our design and choice of material guarantee superior performance. Quality always pays off in the long run!


Product range

The undercarriage parts are designed specifically for your Volvo construction equipment. This gives you a safe and effective operation, a long productive service life and low operating costs.


Rubber tracks

Volvo Rubber Tracks meet the highest standards of safety and quality. You can rely on superior durability, long life and comfort.


The rubber tracks have been developed in conjunction with Volvo construction machines. To meet your high expectations of top performing machines!


Please contact your Great West dealer to learn about Volvo Undercarriage parts and how to maximize the performance of your Volvo machine.


Volvo Undercarriage Product Range for Excavators

Volvo Undercarriage Wear Inspection

Volvo Undercarriage Competitive Comparison




wear inspectionWear Inspection


How's your undercarriage? A wear inspection will let you know. The status of the undercarriage is vital for the reliability and productivity of the excavator.


Wear inspections pay off

A visual inspection alone is not enough. To accurately determine actual wear, measurements must be taken. The measured wear data is then saved in our advanced software so that we can monitor and manage wear.


Regular undercarriage inspections by our technicians and timely replacement and repair will help extend the life of the undercarriage. It will also increase productivity, reduce downtime and reduce the machine's cost per hour.


Let your Great West dealer carry out a wear inspection on a regular basis. This way you can determine when to replace components for lowest operating cost.




rubber pad2Volvo Rubber pad bolt-on system - the versatile solutioN

The Volvo Rubber pad bolt-on system for tracked excavators are the perfect solution for increasing machine versatility.


The cost and time effective design allows you to easily switch between on and off-road locations without causing surface damage. Access more job sites and maximize your profitability with Volvo.


Key benefits of Volvo Rubber pad bolt-on system include:



Simply switch between on and off-road jobs and benefit from two machines in one. The rubber pads provide full ground surface protection and are easily removed when full traction is needed.


High durability

Made from a robust rubber blend to reduce wear, the pad incorporates a steel plate with a durable rubber exterior and a rubber cushion which helps to decrease vibration and noise.



The rubber pad system is available both as a factory-fit option and through the Volvo dealer network. The aftermarket kit provides both the pad and track shoe.


Cost Efficiency

Replacing single rubber pads as and when is necessary is a cost efficient and easy way to maintain an excavator's track system.


Please contact your Great West dealer to learn more about the Volvo Rubber pad bolt-on system and how to maximize the performance of your machine.


Best in Test!


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